Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spring Polish Picks and Happy Caturday Poll!

*contains press samples

  Hi all!!  Well, my famous hand is completely roached at the moment.  Not only am I back to short squares after an unfortunate couple of breaks (note to self-- just remove the polish with remover at home and make due with chipping in public.  It'll work out for the best), a hang nail/cat claw ordeal, and then another break on my pinky that's left that nail completely uneven.  This hand is a little thrashed so no nail blogging for me for a while.  So, that means more makeup type posts (and maybe another Wantable accessories; I haven't decided if I want the April box yet), and maybe for a few of you, that's a good, thing, lol.  

  I used to see seasonal picks posts all the time but I haven't for over a year.  Maybe they're not a "thing" anymore, or maybe I'm just not paying attention to them (which would be odd, because I love lists).  Anyhoo, I decided to round up my favorite polishes for this spring, my favorites from new collections and the colors I've felt most drawn to.  There are lots of cremes.  Celebrate what you like, I say!

Spring nail polish favorites 2014

 Zoya Cole-- the perfect warm peach and the runaway favorite from this spring's Awaken collection.  I just love being able to successfully wear a peach toned polish and I've already worn this a couple times.

  LVX Orchid-- This one's a chic and elegant blend of pink and purple, and anything bearing the name orchid immediately has my attention (much like "red velvet").

  Zoya Livingston-- "Dr. Livingston, I presume?"  Right.  It's on my roached out nails right now.  I loved this when it came out this past fall and I might love it more now.  It's a bright, almost red berry shade, an obvious classic but also lively and unexpected for a season dominated by pastels.

  L'Oreal Le Pastille-- What's wrong with me?  I feel like this is way out of my norm, especially to be called a favorite, but I kind of can't get enough of this pale pink speckle (and it looks fabulous as accents to Cole).

  Julep Natalie-- It's like one part coral and one part hibiscus pink and the combination of two bright summer colors equal one beautiful, ever so slightly subdued and classy spring shade.  It's colors like this that keep me hanging on to my Maven subscription (click on my referral link if you're curious, and I get points towards a free Maven box).

  It's really been too long since I've posted cat spam on a Caturday, for crying out loud, so here are a couple shots of los gatos from the week.  Baby Beau really does pull the curtain back like that if someone comes into the room unexpectedly.  It's the cutest thing.  Geddy, for whatever little cat reason, loves lounging against the hall wall.  

  Question time!  Feel free to answer as many or as few as you wish.

  What are your favorite spring nail polishes?  See above :D

  Are you loving the spring collections this year?  Honestly, no.  I feel largely underwhelmed by most of them.  LVX is really nice and the L'Oreal speckles are fun, but most the big collections feel really played out this year.  

  What's your favorite breakfast food?  Omelettes, or a veggie scramble.  I sautee spinach and scramble an egg with it for breakfast almost every morning (it's a great way to kick start the day with a couple serving of greens) and whenever we go out for breakfast I order something similar.
  SELF magazine is currently under fire for making fun of a woman with brain cancer running a marathon in a tutu (story here).  Brief thoughts?  The whole thing smacks of WHY?!!?!  Aside from a health based magazine making fun of anything having to do with their target audience practicing what they preach, HOW did something like that get past editing and into "this would make a good headline" territory?  The fact that the gal is going through chemo takes it to a whole new low and whether or not they realized the tastelessness of their actions is all on them.  I'm sure an apology is imminent.  It had better be.  And, I'm totally getting myself a running tutu.

  It's SPRING!!  Anything blooming in your yard?  Our backyard is full of gorgeous blooming trees I can't name, and we've got a bunch of daffodils (I love daffodils) around the front and side.

  We're off shortly to have lunch with some friends and then complete the thrilling task of grocery shopping for the week.  Thank you for reading and have a lovely Saturday! ♥♥


  1. Right now for spring I am hooked on NYC Skyline Blue with a top coat of Revlon's Whimsical over it. Another favorite I can't get enough of is Sally Hansen's Loyal Lavendar. Sally Hansen Lustre Shine in Lava too although being rust orange copper Lava is more of a late summer-fall themed shade, but the sparkles in this and the sheer beauty of the duochrome and the strong color shift and its work year 'round. I get tons of compliments every time I wear it. Honorable mention goes to Sinful Colors Cotton Candy.

  2. Caturday!! Well now its Catursnday but whatevs. Sorry about your nails hun :/ But your cats are cute! I'm not loving the Spring Collections either....and I love French Toast...had some this morning!

  3. those are pretty!! that loreal looks interesting

  4. Oh I love the Julep line they really have staying power.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  5. My favorite polishes.. hmmm.. ive been obsessed with pastels lately!!
    favorite collections: I just LOVE the china glaze collection! shitty formulas but colors are outstanding! also, colors by llarowe put out a great one as well!
    favorite breakfast food: hmm... i love english muffins with butter and jelly =)
    SELF magazine: what a bunch of assholes.. i really hope this brings them so much negative publicity that they go bankrupt!
    what's blooming in my garden? nothing yet! well i don't have a garden lol... but nothing is growing here yet, it's been too cold!

  6. Wonderful post Liesl!!! Bummer about the nails but great that this triggered the seasonal post - I love to read what others love for spring. I had the same feeling like you with regard to the released spring collections with the exception of KBShimmer. I always tell myself that those collections are done for those among us who are not in the need for a Helmer or two to store their polishes and might have a more traditional take on their color preferences. My favorites are the soft but pigmented holos, the rainbow colors of the KBShimmer creams. Breakfast: fresh fruit and hefty croissants. SELF magazine: so happy this crap didn't swap over the ocean. Looooove your cat pictures, they are too sweet xxx


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