Monday, September 29, 2014

NYX Cosmetics Fall Mini Haul and Review

  Hi everyone!!  There seems to be a lot of excitement over drugstore brand NYX, and I've been pleased with the small handful of products I've tried, so I decided to branch out and try a small handful more.

NYX XXL Mascara, Over The Taupe Taupe eyeshadow single, Butter Gloss in Cherry Pie
NYX XXL Mascara, Over The Taupe Taupe eyeshadow single, Butter Gloss Cherry Pie

Friday, September 26, 2014

LVX D'Orsay (Inspired by Olivia Pope)

*press sample

  Hi everyone!!  I've been under the weather since Sunday and have since become completely obsessed with the tv show "Scandal" and its lead character, Olivia Pope's (actress Kerry Washington), spot-on perfect light neutral wardrobe and classic and utterly tasteful style.  My own style is a little flashier and leans dark rather than light, and I love any excuse to sport a nice, classic nail, usually in a crimson or wine shade.  After watching this show in marathon sessions for three days in a row, though, I found myself eager to try on some of the light, soft shades Olivia Pope wears and that I also love but seldom use, in favor of my reds. One of the first colors that came to my mind was {LVX D'Orsay}, a pale blushed peachy pink creme.

LVX D'Orsay (Inspired by Olivia Pope) swatch and review
LVX D'Orsay

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Zoya Ultra PixieDusts Fall 2014

*press sample

Zoya Ultra PixieDusts Fall 2014 swatches and review
Zoya Ultra PixieDusts Fall 2014

  Hello and happy first day of Fall!  The Zoya Ultra PixieDusts are here, gorgeous texture polishes in red, wine, and berry tones, and sporting a brand new formula.  Like the preceding Magical PixieDusts (summer 2014 collection {HERE}), these three are jelly based, sparkling, and packed with glitter, rather than the shimmer of the originals (fall 2013's Dhara and Arabella swatched {HERE}); unlike the Magicals, the Ultras feature tonal, metallic small round and larger hex glitters, giving each a glamorous and amped up monochromatic appearance. The Ultras aren't as chunky as the Magicals; the texture bits seem fewer and finer.  With the exception of Noir, for some reason, the Ultras much easier to remove; pigmentation is better, also, and each of these polishes is beautiful in two coats.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

OPI How Great Is Your Dane? + My Voice Is a Little Norse

  Hi everyone!!  I've got the last of my OPI Nordic mini collection on my nails today, and I'll just let the company's delectable description of this one lead the way.

  How Great Is Your Dane? is described as a cinnamon coffee and I'll admit that the power of suggestion has me sold, even if it doesn't feel altogether accurate.  Cinnamon gives me a sense that there should be some sort of red undercurrent here but it's pretty much a straightforward dark toned mushroom shade, an updated version of OPI You Don't Know Jacques {HERE}.  How Great Is Your Dane? is a creme that leans a little thin-- I used two coats but patchiness tells me I should have gone with three.  Finished with one layer of topcoat.

OPI How Great Is Your Dane? + My Voice Is a Little Norse swatch and review
OPI How Great Is Your Dane? + My Voice Is a Little Norse

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

WetnWild Eggplant Frost

  Hello, everyone!!  One of my first major polish lems was Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Burgundy Orchid {HERE} and {HERE}, lol.  It is gorgeous in every sense of the word but the top photo in {THIS POST} from Munia's Nails has haunted me these years because that dark blue to red to purple flash does not occur without flash photography.  It's a color I've not been sure I'd find because of current nail polish trends.  Enter WetnWild Eggplant Frost, a 99¢ dealie from the Wild Shine line, one that I've seen around but not paid much attention to until a fellow polish lover posted about it in one of my facebook groups (follow her, MyOrdinaillyLife, on instagram {HERE}).  

WetnWild Eggplant Frost swatch and review
WetnWild Eggplant Frost

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