Monday, October 20, 2014

Essie Winter 2014-- Back In the Limo

  Good morning, guys and gals!!  Does Essie always put their winter collection out this early, or am I just noticing it this year?  At any rate, it's here, six shades of classic Essie, but with an atypical twist-- it's a lot of pink, a lot of coral, and, with the exception of a blue-red that may or may not be identical to Fall 2014's Dress To Kilt {HERE}, and a lovely champagne foil (imminent), a lot of sheer.

  Something about Essie's winter collections call to my mind elegant, expensive holiday parties and this year's is warm, festive, and pristine, thrown in some big, white, chandeliered room.  Like many Essies, the names in this set are cheeky and pretentious and I usually hold that against a polish, but these colors spoke to me and despite the flak that this collection has gotten/will likely continue to get, I think it's pretty brilliant.

  My first choice is Back In the Limo, a blushed peach/soft shell pink jelly.

Essie Winter 2014-- Back In the Limo swatch and review
Essie Winter 2014-- Back In the Limo

Friday, October 17, 2014

Zoya Harlow-- Matte Velvet Collection

*press sample

  Hi everyone!!  Of the six rereleased Zoya Matte Velvets, the most highly anticipated is cult classic Harlow. Last holiday season, Zoya did a special repromote of four of the matte shades and Harlow was left out.  The Faeries that be have done a marvelous job of whetting our collective polish appetites and the inclusion of Harlow in this relaunch has indeed sent many hearts aflutter, and mine along with them.  Being one who missed Harlow the first go around, I couldn't wait to see how it actually panned out.

Zoya Harlow-- Matte Velvet Collection swatch and review
Zoya Harlow-- Matte Velvet Collection

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Zoya Loredana-- Matte Velvet Collection

*press sample

  Hi everyone!!  I'm being true to my word and wearing each of the relaunched Zoya Matte Velvets as full manicures (because some polishes are just way too awesome to be merely "swatched").  Posh captured my polish loving heart instantly {HERE}, and then Loredana went and did the same...

Zoya Loredana-- Matte Velvet Collection swatch and review
Zoya Loredana-- Matte Velvet Collection

Beauty Blog Coalition Facebook Giveaway!!

  Hi everyone!!  A few of my fellow Beauty Blog Coalition members and I have teamed up to present an awesome fall giveaway.  It's open internationally and all that's required is a Paypal address-- extra entries are earned through simply liking us on facebook.  So easy :) 

  Here are the specs--

Giveaway starts: October 16, midnight central
Giveaway ends: November 1, midnight central

1st Place: $155
2nd Place: $100
3rd Place: $55

Winner must take PayPal Only.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Zoya Posh-- Matte Velvet Collection

*press sample

  Hi all!!  Back in 2009, when all I did was paint my toes and OPI was everything, Zoya released two limited edition sets of what they call Matte Velvet polishes, totaling six colors.  They quickly became fan favorites and for five years, guys and gals in the know hoarded their precious Matte Velvets in the hope that Zoya might rerelease them as a full set some day.  Well, that some day is now-- the Zoya Faeries that be held out for long enough and the Matte Velvets, all six of them, are once again available for purchasing and wearing pleasure.  Thank you, Faeries!!  Just... THANK YOU.

  So I was sitting around swatching the collection yesterday and I was blown away by the awesomeness of every single one of these, wanting to wear each as a full manicure, and feeling like they each deserve their own post.  I may yet do the former but I won't drag the whole collection out over a series of posts, tempted as I am.  I'm going to indulge in the one that blew me away the most, though, the one I knew I had to come back and post excessive photos of-- not Harlow (I'm saving that one for last, to see if it is worth the hype), but Posh.

Zoya Posh-- Matte Velvet Collection swatch and review
Zoya Posh-- Matte Velvet Collection

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