Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Directory (under construction)

One of my 2013 blogging resolutions is to do a Nail Prisms directory, that of course will be added to and modified as I add to my collection and swatch more of what I already have.  Check back every so often for updates. :)

We Prisms afficionados seem to like to put our collections together on one page, so here's mine.
Sally Hansen Nail Prisms were a great line of holo, duo/multichrome, and pearl finish polishes that were around in the early 2000's and were all sadly discontinued before I became a nailista.  Once in a while, the company will rerelease a bunch and they'll show up in Grocery Outlets, Ross, or Dollar Tree type stores, and there are usually a number of them available on amazon and ebay.  I've become a little obsessed with adding as many of these beauties as I can to my stash and learning what I can about them.  They're numbered 01 through 43, missing numbers 33 & 34 (they were never made, to the best of my knowledge).  Word is that a few of them are duplicates, but I can't confirm that within my stash.  A few of them still have more than one color associated with the same name and number, and I'll include what I know about those.  The bottles come in two different shapes, short, rectangular, and squat, and the taller oval shape.  I understand the short, rectangle bottles contain the original formulas.

01 Diamond

Diamond is a silver holo, one of those that was released twice, once as a scattered, which you see here, and once as a linear.  Full post on the scattered one here.

04 South Sea Pearl

Sally Hansen South Sea Pearl
Sally Hansen South Sea Pearl original

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms South Sea Pearl
Sally Hansen South Sea Pearl rerelease

 South Sea Pearl is an off-white duochrome with light green, pink, and blue flash.  This was also released twice.  The original is thicker, pearlier, and less duochrome.  My guess is that the company reformulated this to be a little more with the times, a little more color shifting, and a little less frosty looking.  My full post on the second formula is here.

06 Ruby Sapphire

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Ruby Sapphire

Ruby Sapphire is a shimmery red-violet to royal blue jelly duochrome.  Somewhere along the line, SH released these in painted, rather than clear, bottles.  This is one such.

07 Garnet Lapis

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Garnet Lapis

Garnet Lapis is a strong, shimmery azure/cerulean to royal purple duochrome.  Full post here.

08 Amber Ruby

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Amber Ruby

Amber Ruby is a brick red to burnt amber to golden multichrome.  Full post here.

11 Fire Opal

Fire Opal is a sheer coral pink jelly with a subtle cerulean blue shimmer and flash.  Full post here.

14 Lapis Amethyst

Lapis Amethyst is an aquamarine to light pink duochrome with a metallic finish.  Full post here.

36 Lavender Sapphire

Lavender Sapphire is a light, pearly multichrome with the lightest pink to lavender to blue shift.  Full post here.

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