Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Paint on a Snowy Morning

It is totally awesome to wake up to snow, even if it's a day into spring and I was looking forward to taking pictures in the sunshine.  It seldom lasts more than a few hours around here, so when it comes it's special and exciting.  According to my facebook page, the novelty is wearing off with some of the locals, but not so in this household!  C actually couldn't believe I didn't get up to look out the window when he announced the weather before he headed to work.  Well, fun and pretty as the snow is, nothing comes between me and my sleep.  Nothing.

It's way too easy for me to default to another darker color, so I asked C to help me choose between one of two bright pastels I own.  We decided on Julep Anne, a super vivid, Easter egg shade of violet.  I've only used this color once, on my toes.  The whole idea of bright colors on my fingers is quite new to me, but this color is absolutely gorgeous.

So gorgeous that I'm totally bummed knowing that, true to Julep form on me, this will be chipped by mid afternoon.

Here's an outside shot, while it's snowing (see the droplets?). :)

Here's the thing.  This polish was an absolute nightmare to apply.  Julep's formulas, even their cremes, I'm learning, are highly inconsistent.  I've had this one for a little over three months and it is already ridiculously thick and in need of thinner.  This paint job was a brushstrokey, clumpy mess, pre topcoat, and I seriously thought I'd have to do most my nails over.  But, Seche Vite is amazing!  My nails are smooth as can be, and for that, I don't even mind the inevitable tip shrinkage while I sleep that Seche causes.  

Aaand it's still snowing!!  If only work wasn't looming overhead....


  1. I agree... Seche Vite covers a host of application problems. I've had thick, clumpy paint jobs smoothed out to perfect. I tend to put nail polish on too thick, trying to get a smooth finish, and used to always end up with bubbles. Seche Vite freezes everything in place so that the bubbles never form, or at least never make it to the surface where I can see them. And, the fact that I don't have to sit prisoner for hours after painting my nails, only to STILL end up with sheet marks on my nails in the morning anymore means SV is pure magic in my book.

    1. Hi Leisel!! :) Ooh, sheetmarks.... :p I used to get socks marks on my toes if I wasn't careful/patient. Seche is truly a nail polish wonder. My only complaint is how bad my tips shrink in it. I've heard not everyone has this problem, and it seems to be worse with cerain brands (Butter, Zoya, and Julep being the worst.) I don't mind Out the Door at all, but if ever there's a topcoat with Seche's otherwise complete awesomeness minus the tip business, I'll be all over that!


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