Monday, February 18, 2013

PNW Beauty Blogger Feature-- Mommy Does Her Nails

Good morning, friends :) Next up in my Pacific Northwest Beauty Blogger feature series is Candice at Mommy Does Her Nails.

Candice and I met at a retreat in October of 2011 and hit it off over her obsession with nail polish and mine with perfume.  She introduced me to this crazy little world and the rest is history.  So I may be a little biased when I say that hers is my favorite nail art blog because we're friends in real life, but the truth is, she's one of the most creative gals out there and so far has managed to fly under the radar.
Candice is a freelance graphic designer by day, and you need look no further than the header of my own blog to see some of her handiwork.  Her designs have not been so under the radar, but that's another story.

Candice sees color and texture in the most remarkable of ways.  When was the last time you saw crackle polish look cool?

This is one of my all-time favorites, a jewelry inspired skittles mani with a burnished gold watercolor overlay.

Candice is a consummate family gal and often involves her husband and children in her art, photography, and posts.  She's got a regular feature called Hubby's Picks, in which her husband attempts to stump her skill set with his choice of colors and finishes.  He never does, but it's fascinating to watch.  Here's the most recent challenge result.

And, one more.  She does understated beautifully, too, while staying true to her unique and gorgeous signature.

Convinced yet?  She's also got a great writing style, confident, forthcoming, and genuine, often with a touch of the harriedness that comes with being a mother to young children.  It's like we're all good friends chatting over the coffee she loves so much (and happens to make a killer cup of).  Follow Mommy Does Her Nails here.

Thanks for reading!  Have a fabulous day. ♥♥


  1. You are so sweet - I feel so incredibly privileged to be featured here <3 You are so wonderful!

  2. Wow, some seriously gorgeous looks! Thanks for sharing this. I'm from the PNW too and it's always exciting for me to find fellow bloggers from the area!

  3. Hey sis, thank you so much for this introduction - you know why it speaks so much to my heart? It is shown on short nails, I always felt I am running out of space but then it might be down to my clumsiness - LOL. So on to new Blogger shores and discover those pretties - consider me on a mission ;-) hugs xxx

  4. I love Mommy Does Her Nails! She has lovely swatches, designs, and nails! And it's sooo cool that you guys are friends in real life. :-)

    ~ Yun


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