Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Reviva Labs Collagen Night Cream-- Or, Why My Skin Has Been So Happy Lately, Part 1

This item was sent for my review.

It's seriously been a while since I've been satisfied with a night moisturizer.  I'd been using Cerave cream for night and day for the past year and had no major complaints, just the fact that during the cold months the air just sucks the moisture right out of the skin of my chinny-chin chin and I have dry patches I can't ever seem to get under control.  I used to have a separate night and day cream, but the Cerave filled both shoes adequately enough and I called it my holy grail moisturizer even though it did have its faults.  Enter Reviva Labs, a cruelty-free and paraben-free skincare line that's a darling of natural and health food stores and has been around for 40 years.  I'd heard their primer is phenomenal and was excited to see what their face creams could offer.

Reviva Collagen Night Cream is a moisturizer intended for normal to dry skin.  In case you're unfamiliar with collagen, it is very basically the protein that holds us all together, that supports our cells.  As we get older, collagen diminishes and contributes to sagging and wrinkles.  Collagen creams are said to replenish that which we've begun to lose.  Here's a pretty cool and straightforward diagram demonstrating collagen in younger versus older skin.
I'm in my early-mid thirties right now, and I can't personally attest to what this stuff does for firmness.  I can tell you that I do believe in the adage about an ounce of prevention equalling a pound of cure, and now's exactly the time to get a little proactive on my skin.  If this cream could, at the very least, banish my little winter dry spots, it will have made me happy.  Any other benefits are icing.

Reviva Labs Collagen Night Cream.  This item was sent for my review.

I've been using this cream nightly for almost three weeks.  As you can see, it's pretty thick.  The first night I used it, I was a little alarmed at how much longer it took this cream to absorb fully into my skin, and I seriously half expected to be completely broken out in the morning.  As it turns out, I wasn't, and if you're even a little bit familiar with night-specific creams, you know than bedtime's the time to use a richer moisturizer and that you shouldn't be afraid of it.

This cream's pretty silky and luxurious feeling, too, which is a lovely bonus.  My dry patches were eliminated after the first night of usage, which has resulted in more even tone and prettier overall facial skin appearance, a necessity when you go completely barefaced during the day as often as I do.  Bottom line?  I love this stuff.  It's always a gamble to try a new skincare component, and for me, this totally works and I actually look forward to putting it on my face every night.  It feels like I'm doing something good for myself when I wear it. 
Reviva Labs suggests rotating Collagen Night Cream out every two weeks with their Elastin and DMAE Cream for optimal skin firming and moisturizing results, as collagen and elastin work hand in hand in our bodies.  I don't yet have the elastin cream but I'm honestly sold completely on the collagen cream and am curious and excited to see what the two together can do for my skin.

The creams come in 1.5 oz. jars and normally retail for $20, but are on sale currently for $14 each.
Buy Reviva Labs Collagen Night Cream here and Elastin and DMAE Cream here.
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**Editing to add that this cream is fragrance free.  Carry on.

This item was sent for my review.


  1. Hi sis - I exactly know what you are talking about (no surprise, but then you aren't suprised, no?) since I used to have the same skin issues. I am in my mid to late forties now and after an Odyssee of dozens of various jars interspersed with red patches (very itchy) I landed with L'Occitane also a vegan and cruelty free brand that provided the same relief for me. I was told it is all about balance between moisturizer and fat in a cream and most creams contain too much of the latter which actually adds to drying out our precious skin. Enjoy the silky feel, love xxx

    1. Totally not surprised, lol :) This one isn't vegan, in part because of the collagen and in part because it contains beeswax. That's so interesting that fat ends up drying skin out... Too much and too little does that, eh? I've heard such amazing things about L'Occitane, I don't know why I've never tried anything of theirs.

  2. I have tried a couple products from this line that I e liked a lot. Now I want to try these two creams! I love a nice thick cream at night!

    1. A good, thick cream just feels so restorative, doesn't it? Thanks for stopping by, Sara :) :)


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