Saturday, April 26, 2014

This Week's Haul and Happy Caturday Poll!

  Hey everyone!!  I know I usually post early, but his morning was busier than usual, on account of getting to watch one of my nieces play little league softball.  The game was super fun-- she connected with the ball for the first time and hit a homer, no less.  Way to make your first matter, right?  C and I are so proud of her.  We all went out for ice cream afterwards (or, rather, they went out for ice cream and I had a salad, HOORAY FOR GOOD CHOICES!!) and after some errand running, we made it home 4ish and promptly took a nap.  I wasn't going to post at all, but I found my mind reeling with fun questions to ask, plus I got some good mail this week, so here we are!

  My love affair with e.l.f. and brushes in general continues, lol.  I picked up a tinted lip balm and one of their Professional line brushes.  Those, the white handled brushes, are $1 a piece, as opposed to the Studio line, which is now $3.04 each, and I'm excited to test this one out and see how it compares.  I also ordered my first Sigma Beauty brush, the F86, or Tapered Kabuki.  I have it on good authority that it is THE most amazing concealer/highlighter blender and since I'm really liking the Maybelline Dream Lumi highlighting concealer I picked up a couple weeks ago, I thought a tool to help it look and perform optimally was essential.  I tell ya, these brushes are going to make me a full-on beauty addict more so than the actual makeup.  What's wrong with me?

  NOTWeekend is China Glaze Rare & Radiant.  I loveloveLOOOOOVE the Peridot dupes, as you might know or remember, and all I can say is that it's a good thing they're not exactly in anymore because I'd still be on a mission to collect every iteration and posting about each one, thus boring the tar out of you all.  But in this setting, one more shot won't hurt, right?  I think I have three (four? no, three) different versions.  

  Baby Beau is just a fine cat specimen.  

  My Cult Nails It's A New Day set arrived today!!  I can already tell you that the yellow is not going to be my shade but that peach is gorgeous and the pink....  The stamping plate came free and I wasn't planning on using it but it's specially made for Cult Nails.  The lower middle image says "I joined the Cult and fell in", and that's pretty much the way it is here so I'll definitely be giving it a shot.

  Question time!  Feel free to answer as many or as few as you'd like.

  Are you crushing on a brand at the moment?  e.l.f., man!!  I just think they're so great and so innovative, and their prices and packaging... what's not to love?!  An e.l.f. haul is about as wallet-friendly as it gets, and the products are wonderful.

  Peridot and its many clones-- yea or nay?  Um, yay!  Though I must admit, they were SO big a couple years ago that when I put Rare & Radiant on last night, I had this sneaking suspicion that it might look dated. (That is SO 2012!)  But then I didn't care.

  What's your favorite makeup brush?  I currently have two, my e.l.f. small stipple brush and my Real Techniques powder brush, which I should review because it's changed the way I feel about setting powder.  I should really just do a big brush post.  Maybe I will.  

  Did you play any little league sports?  Yes, t-ball for one year and soccer for four.  I struck out at t-ball more than I connected so my little first grade self perceived that perhaps I should find another sport.

  Are you paying attention to the NBA playoffs?  Sort of.  I'm hoping for Houston and Dallas to win their series and for someone in the west to win it all, because this side deserves it!  We're so much better and it's not fair that the west has to beat each other up to go meet an east team who had a relative cakewalk.  I despise the Blazers and the Spurs but if it comes to one of them against Miami, I may just have to suck it up and root for one of them, lol.

  Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your weekend ♥♥


  1. Hope you are having a great weekend! Nice haul too.

  2. Oh man. Icecream! Hope you guys had a blast doing karaoke! I'm not brave enough to EVER want to do I would probably be banned since it would inhale royally XD I got the Cult Nails It's A New Day set too but it just hasn't made it's way to me yet. Tracking says Monday. I'm so excited for the plate too! I need to brush up on my skillz more. I tried stamping one of my Bear Pawlish holos over another Bear Pawlish I'm wearing and I'm having issues. Thank goodness they have a group for that! Stamping, not issues 😂 Caturday questions!
    1.Totally crushing on NYX. I have their Butter glosses and I'm uber obsessed! I have yet to come across something of theirs I don't like.
    2. Yay? I don't really know....I don't own any so I can't say but Rare & Radiant is gorgeous on you!
    3. Favorite makeup brush is my Sonia Kashuk highlighting brush
    4. No Little League but I was in ballet for a minute
    5. Paying no attention whatsoever!! All I know is the Bulls are in it? Maybe? I'm talking out of my butt right now

  3. Love the peridot dupes as well! They're just such pretty polishes!

  4. Okay, I read this twice and am so lost! Where did Dani come up with karaoke?! LOL Anyhoo... congrats to your niece! She sounds infinitely better at sports than I am. :) And huge props to you, choosing a SALAD over ice cream?! :O You're infinitely better at good eating choices than I am! LOL
    Awww Baby Beau IS a VERY fine cat specimen!!! Good questions, dear!
    1) I am also liking e.l.f.! That purple glassflecky gel eyeshadow is my new fave for sure, and I got the requisite cleanup brushes FINALLY, as well as the...eyeshadow "C" brush. Oh and the undereye illuminating/setting powder... it is soo silky!
    2) I bought R&R quite awhile ago (still untried) and you have just inspired me to pull it and Swanky Silk out to replace my nasty mani I just did! >_< I think they're verrrry purty... although the million similar polishes are a bit excessive. But NOT dated!! hehe "So 2012!" So what?! ;)
    3) Umm I love kabuki brushes in general for my mineral powder foundation??? I'm such a newbie to all this beauty stuff!
    4) Gosh no, I've sucked at sports from day 1! My parents must've somehow known that.
    5) Again, no!! Not unless the players have started wearing nail polish! ;)

    1. Oh and I about dropped my teeth when I saw there was a stamping plate in you post!!! That's actually what made me click on it in the first place... then I was all "ohhh :(" ...she didn't ORDER it... it was an extra. :P Those chevrons are seriously the perfect size! I'd want it just for that! I hope your adventures in stamping are fun & trouble-free!! P.S. the peach in that set is LOVERLY. I agree about the yellow...not a fan. :-/

  5. What a great post - and Baby Beau oh my, he got me swooning - cuddles to him!!! OK so now I am super anxious about my Cult Nails set - haven't received their shipping notice but then was too lazy to log-in and sorted all through Paypal. Love your questions: 1. I would say probably MAC - not for their everyday stuff like lipstick but their extra pieces like the CC Loose Powder or their Primer or their Highlighter. 2. Brush: by Terry Blush brush (say this fast 10 times - LOL). 3. Peridot love it on others loath it on me - even back in 2012, am I dated now too (;-P) 4. I did years of swimming competitions and hated all of it, my parents loved it 5. NBA Europe is not very keen on Basketball but soccer is the holy grail :-S - not my cup of sports either - have a lovely start into the new week - oh and I would have choosen salad over icecream as well!! xxx

  6. Nice post! what a lovely weekend you had, cult nail polishes look awesome, the yellow one too! I'm two days late, but I love taking polls (only makeup and fun related ;) ) so I hope you don't mind :)
    1) I'm forever in love with NYx but I like e.l.f. too! I got a new blush and love it!
    2) I guess I like peridot, but not to get crazy about it. In fact I don't own the Chanel one.
    3) I like real techniques expert face and blush brushes a lot!
    4) I played basketball for two years, then switched to rythmic gymnastics but I quit at age 13 because I had a "latino" body shape, and was suffering from it :(
    5) I don't think we get that here :) we only watch, eat, breath footbal at home. I mean footbal, premier league, champions league, la lega serie A, etc. etc.and this year is the Footbal World cup, so just imagine...

  7. did I miss a Caturday post?? I love reading about your current likes and activities. And Beau is a beautiful kitty. <3 Here are my answers:
    1. YES ma'am...Seche Nail Lacquer. I just love it...intensely pigmented, super shiny, and long-wearing.
    2. Yay!! I have a couple somewhere...I don't have R&R, but I have No Plain Jane and Deviantly Daring, and I love them.
    3. Real Techniques foundation brush. And pretty much any other brush by RT. My sweetie Angelo recently destroyed a particularly nice eyeshadow brush by them...
    4. LOLOLOL!!!
    5. LOLOLOL!!!


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