Saturday, March 10, 2012

Getting Along

First, there was a cooking blog.  I called it Vegicuriosity.  I realized what a tremendous amount of work it is, and was largely uninspired anyway, so it went by the wayside after five posts.  Almost a full two years later, I discovered the world of beauty blogging, and became inspired to start my own blog up again, with a slightly different purpose.  I called it Liesl Loves, bought my domain name, and set out to write about whatever struck my fancy.  It was still mostly food, sprinkled with a few beauty product posts (mostly nail polish.)  It didn't feel congruent, but I wasn't sure I wanted to deal with the rigors of starting a whole new blog, especially since that particular blog was still so new.

Food is my passion, though, and with an all-encompassing theme, I couldn't customize Liesl Loves the way I really wanted to.  It was all a bit generic, and felt like a mish-mash.  It wasn't a beauty blog, but it didn't feel like it was a foodie blog, either, and that kind of bothered me.  So here I am.  Liesl Loves is undergoing a makeover, and it's finally starting to feel right, and reflect my excitement about cooking and eating tasty food.  And now I can feel more free to go on about my nail polish, or the great new lipstick I just bought, or a perfume I'm rediscovering.

After some deliberating (and cutting & pasting) I've decided to leave all the original posts up at Liesl Loves.  It's a great opportunity for some redux, especially since I have prettier cuticles and a macro lens now. ;)

Thanks for growing with me.



  1. I just love seeing how it all started)) First posts are usually all alone with no comments - so I give them a friend!

    1. Aww, lol. Well thanks for reading it and giving it a nice lil comment to hang out with <3

  2. I agree with what Natalsie said! A few Saturdays ago, I spent most of the day systematically going through Essie's first couple months of posts. She was like, what on earth?! You really ARE reading all my old posts! haha
    It's cool to see the history of a blog - MUCH more interesting than the history we studied in school. ;-)

    1. It is fun, seeing how these things started and watching the progress, though I have to disagree about the history in school bit (oddly). lol. I certainly don't mind peeps going through my old stuff, it's kind of what it's there for... as long as nothing questionable shows up in my popular posts bar, lol ;D


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