Monday, March 26, 2012

Julep Kelly Redux

I cancelled my Julep Maven subscription over the weekend, and I did so with some trepidation and a little bit of a bad attitude.  Given some of the Julep customer service horror stories I've heard, I expected to be on the phone forever and given the runaround by a few different people.  Quite the opposite happened-- I was connected with a friendly service rep immediately, given no hassles, and had my cancellation confirmation via email within minutes.  
I've never had a problem with Julep's customer service, though.  I do have a problem with paying $19.99 for extras I won't use and manicures that don't last through a work day (or a hair washing....)  So, sadly, because they truly have some gorgeous colors, and I loved being among the first to try new polishes, I've received my last Maven box. Kelly was one of my featured colors, and it's everything I love and dislike about Julep, all rolled into one.

I absolutely love the color-- it's the palest pink creme, so very chic!  But, Juleps have the most inconsistent formulae I've seen, and Kelly is as hard to work with as any (especially if, like me, you're on a learning curve.)  It's terribly thin and runny, took three coats, and still looks a little streaky.

...but so pretty!  I get the feeling that this is a pretty high fashion color.  I think not everyone can pull it off (myself, included... C is not a fan.)  Whatever flaws or discolorations you've got around your nails this seems to amplify.  Lighter colors seem to be more forgiving if you're not great at painting yet, but Kelly demands precision.

...but soooo pretty!!  Maybe one of these days I'll get it right. ;)

Julep, I'll miss you.  And maybe one of these days I'll shell out again for your fabulously high maintenance polishes and just deal with it.

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