Saturday, November 3, 2012

This Week's Big News....

So I decided a while ago that I wasn't going to rant on anything anymore, that I'd just keep it light and fun and strictly about nail polish and makeup, but I feel like I can't just ignore this whole bullying thing.  I'm not going to go into the incident's background; if you've been paying attention the past day or so, you've most likely seen something about it.
Here's the thing.  We're mostly women in this community, and a fairly awesome group of them who are very accepting of new concepts, ideas, and breaking norms.  Most the time, the blogging community is kind, supportive, friendly, and accepting.  But, because we are who we are, we judge.  We all do it.  If you've ever compared your blog to another's and thought anything at all, you're guilty of it.  I'm most certainly.  It's fun and cool out here, but it's also crazy and fickle and filled with things that don't often make sense.  It's natural to have those kinds of thoughts, and in this particular environment, it's healthy to have an outlet.  But there is a HUGE difference between admitting and owning your insecurities and trying to fix them and lashing out and going on the attack.

I tend to speak without thinking and get pretty emotional about certain things.  I unapologetically called such actions pathetic and b****y in a discussion last night, but the fact is, no one knows what's really going on in the perpetrators' heads but themselves and God, and maybe it wasn't fair of me to judge (there it is, again) such actions so harshly.  You've heard that saying, Hurt people hurt people?  I suspect that's the case here.  These gals are kind of standing alone.  Two wrongs don't make a right.  
The support rallied for the anti-bullying cause and those hurt by this little incident is staggering and inspiring.  I said this whole thing made me wish I wasn't even involved in blogging, but the fact is, the kindness in this community SO vastly outweighs the negative.  

You never know what is truly driving someone's actions.  I've certainly been reminded of a truth today.  Bottom line, be nice.  But you all know that, and practice it regularly.  You gals are the most rockinest readers in the world.

Love, Liesl


  1. Thanks for supporting this, your words are very encouraging to me. I wrote about this too here if you want to check it out I was very upset by the remarks that were said :(

  2. Great post as usual. You say it so well:) On another note - I love your new profile pic...or whatever you call it:)

  3. Thank you for this Liesl, This is very hard to write about so I applaud you for speaking on it! I just really don't seem to have words, yet.

  4. Even if I don't like something I will keep it to myself, not to upset someone's feelings)) Most of the time we're very supportive of each other. The anonymity (or rather the absence of face-to-face conversations)can lead to comments that we would not normally be comfortable telling people in a conversation. My idea is to not get into involved ( I see it on IG all the time), I'd rather just stay away from those people.

  5. Everyone is unique in their own ways, be in blog post or how they polish their nails, their views. Yes its freedom of speech but sometimes if everyone were to remember, if you have nothing nice to say, don't.

    I read tons of blog, I skip a few bad comments cos hey who are we to judge..

    Life is short and why make it so hard for others when there are so many other people in the world who are having a bad day like us. Don't take it out on others and be nice. Treat people the way you want others to treat u.What goes around comes around and remember the love all of us have, that is POLISH :D


  6. Truly amazing and so well written. You are so right - we are all guilty (and most of us female). But we should consider everyone's feelings. Thanks for taking a stand :) You rock!


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