Thursday, March 7, 2013

PNW Beauty Blogger Feature-- Constantly Redone

Good morning!!  In the spirit of celebrating friendships, my next PNW Beauty Blogger feature is another friend in real life, but also Candice at Mommy Does Her Nails's real life bff.  Allow me to introduce you to Frankie at Constantly Redone.

Frankie doesn't post as much as some of us would like, lol...  She's a married mom of four with one on the way and I hear that sort of thing gets in the way of taking pictures of your nails.  When she does get around to it, though, she posts some amazingly adventurous art and some super creative combos.
Frankie's pretty much the undisputed Zoya queen around these parts (Harlow! Hello!  No one can seem to bribe her enough to get her to part with this one) and she shares my obsession with Sally Hansen Nail Prisms.  Her blog is worth visiting for her 19 Random Facts list, alone... Number 16 is TRUTH!!

On to some of my favorite Frankie manis.

The patience to stamp like this does not exist in my world.  I just love the colors and how the whole thing looks on mannequin hands.

A gorgeous saran wrap mani featuring my favorite Nail Prism.

Freehand paisley!  I LOVE THIS.  Like, enough to possibly attempt to recreate it in the near future.

MOAR PRISMS!!!  Frankie got a hold of OPI Black Spotted, and how cool does it look over Amber Ruby?!

And just in case you need another reason to pay attention, Frankie's got the best writing style-- she's beautifully descriptive with a charmingly self-depreciating wit, a rare and very entertaining combo.  Follow Constantly Redone here.

Thanks for reading and have a marvelous day! ♥♥


  1. Aw, thanks! I'm actually planning to post today *pending nap cooperation* yay! You are the SWEETEST!

    1. Rofl. Your titles... I should have mentioned that. You seriously crack me up! I'd go check your blog out just for that, girlie :)

  2. Yeah! I new blog to follow:) Thanks for posting this!


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