Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!!

Good morning!!  It's an absolutely glorious day here today.  Please enjoy some photos of stuff blooming around our yard right now, cats, and a baby garter snake.

 Isn't he cute?  I've never seen a baby snake!

 This tree is full of these flowers.  When the whole thing is in full bloom, it's more flower than leaf.  Incredible.

 "Hey cats, look at the camera!"

Then a bird flew overhead.

 Pretty flowering trees.

Daffodils. ♥

Happy Easter, friends.  He is risen!


  1. Nice pictures, looks like spring is in the air!

  2. He is risen indeed :) Happy Easter, Liesl!

  3. Hi sis - thank you for sharing those wonderful things with us!!! I love the baby snake, your beautiful flowers, the fluffy furballs - this is a wonderful post - I wish you and C and your family a Happy Easter - Love, Christine

  4. Pfft we still have a bit of snow, never mind blooming flowers! I can't wait though, these are gorgeous photos!

  5. We had wonderful weather here too! Such a happy occasion to have sun in March in the Pacific Northwest. I parked myself in the sun for practically the whole last two days. I think I got a little tan lol. Happy Easter! :D

    ~ Yun

  6. Spring! It was so wonderful to get some sun this weekend!! Love that everything is finally blooming. Great pictures!

  7. love your pictures of your cats. I'm so envious of all the pretty things growing there. Still some snow on the ground here in WI.


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