Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Caturday Poll-- Valentine's Edition

  Hi everyone!!  One of my favorite bloggers (like, the only big name I read on a regular basis), Pink Sith, does a weekly poll with some random and not so random questions for her readers.  I love reading and participating and I thought I'd try and come up with some questions of my own.

  So-- Valentine's Day was yesterday and I admit that I've always liked the holiday, whether single or attached, and despite its reputation as a "Hallmark holiday".  I don't care.  Love is grand, love is a many splendored thing, and yes, we should be celebrating our loved ones every day, but it is such a potentially positive thing to have a day set aside to revel in it.  My parents made it special for my sisters and I growing up and I remember getting Valentine cards in the mail from my Mamama* after I moved out on my own.  So it's always been a celebration of many different forms of love, for me.  C hates it but humors me.  This year, he gave me an illustrated history and dvd documentary of my favorite band.  Since we've been married (and maybe before, I don't remember) I've made him his favorite dish, eggplant parmesan, for the occasion, so that's what I'll be doing tonight, lol.  The gatos will get a little dish of cream.  And speaking of my favorite band, that gem of a valentine in the upper righthand corner is something posted on instagram by a fellow Rush fan.  The guy pictured is the bassist, not the guitarist, but the whole thing is freakin' funny and I gave myself fits of laughter a few times over it yesterday.
  My Valentine notd was (and continues to be) Butter London Molly Coddled topped with Essie Pure Pearlfection.  Molly Coddled is one of my favorite Butters ever, but it chips fairly quickly.  Pure Pearlfection somehow creates longevity while giving off a subtle, pearly sheen.   
  Finally, new boots!  I seldom follow Glamour magazine fashion and beauty advice (in fact, I don't particularly like the magazine-- I'm just too lazy to cancel my subscription just yet).  In the new March issue, though, there's a spread on Rag & Bone Newbury boots and I decided I had to go find myself a knockoff pair.  So, I did, and I'm pretty excited to wear them.  It's another outside the box choice for me, as I like my boot heels stiletto, sky high, and decidedly less casual.

  Question time!  Feel free to answer as many or as few as you'd like.

  Valentine's Day dinner-- go out, stay in, or who cares?  As time and C's tastes have dictated, we stay in, and happily.  I used to yearn for a nice restaurant meal but there's seriously nothing romantic about sitting in a crowded place with overworked waitstaff at 9pm because that's the only time slot available.  I don't have to have experienced this to know it's true, lol.

  Who's your favorite band?  Okay, I cannot reasonably choose between Led Zeppelin and Rush.  It's just not going to happen.  I can tell you that exactly three things have stuck with me since age 14-- running, my propensity towards a bold lip, and my love of those two bands.

  Bought any new nail polish lately?  I have officially joined the Cult, lol.  I bought Kiss, the red satin finish polish from the new Cult Nails Passionate Dreams collection, the day before yesterday and it's en route as we speak.
  Flowers or chocolates?  Flowers, fo sho! (or better yet, Rush memorabilia, lol).

  Heels-- what's your ideal height?  I like to be up there, 3 & 1/2 inches or higher.  I used to be all Go High or Go Home but I've slowly incorporated flats into my collection.  These stack heel boots I just got are my first mid range heel.



  1. GREAT POST! I like it! Okay so here are the answers...
    1. We stayed in last night. With all of the snow we got, we didn't feel like messing with anything to go out. Actually we didn't celebrate it at all yesterday! Next year will be different I'm sure but the only thing Valentine-y yesterday was my nails and I'm okay with that!!

    2. Favorite band. So, so tough but I have to say Collective Soul. I absolutely love them but I'm the type of person, I love all genres and will give my left arm to meet John Fogerty in person. I love him.

    3. I actually have bought some new nail polish lately!! Pretty & Polished!! Surpised? ;-) I bought the 4 in the Country Girl Swag collection so I now have them all and the Valentine's Duo :-0 I'm also planning on placing another order today. I'm addicted.

    4. Flowers most definitely, chocolate goes to my butt. Unless their Ferroror Roche, then gimme gimme gimme! Those or Lindor Truffles....sigh!

    5. I love heels and love them the higher the better but I've realized I have a death wish wearing 3 inchers whilst carrying around a baby :-P I love shoes in general!

  2. What a wonderful post!!! I love those bits and pieces posts and have been tossing and turning the idea in my head.... And I think I did tell you that I just love Molly Cuddled on you, right? And I love those booties, I fancy a chunky shoe with a flirtatious dress ever since I saw Kate Moss stomping London grounds in such an outfit ages ago! And here my answers:
    1. I was out and about with friends - mind you, no candle light or fancy Menu but lots of loud talking,shouting, laughing
    2. a very, very hard question and I have to list three: Led Zeppelin (you knew that one), Zucchero and my favorite guitarist Joe Satriani
    3. I went a little bonkers and pre-ordered quite a few polishes from ILNP spring collection today
    4. Flowers for sure but made of silk or wood rather than the ones wilting away - those I like in the garden best ;-)
    5. Ever since I had foot surgery I had to revise my shoe stash completely. These days I wear ONLY black shoes (well, this is a personal quirky twist) and never more than 2 inches but then I am 6 ft and don't really need any additional height (but I wear those 6 ft proudly)

  3. What a delightful post. And I flatter myself to think you actually care what I have to say, LOLOL...just kidding. <3 Sounds like you have some really sweet Valentine's Day traditions going on. I have always bought my Mom a present for V-Day even after I had met my husband and had a "real" Valentine...this year, Mom's present from me was to surprise her and get our dog Sasha DNA tested (she is a rescue, and we were never quite sure of her heritage). And so here are my answers:

    1. I have only spent 2 V-Days with my hubby ever, so we do go out when we are together. But since I am not usually with him on the day, it's just another day at the office. :D

    2. Break out your platform all-time favorite band is Abba. They taught me and my sister how to sing when we were very young. Many an evening was spent singing "Take a Chance on Me" into our hairbrushes.

    3. I bought 12 yesterday. The Ulta clearance rack was so sparkly, it sucked me right in.

    4. Chocolates. I am an unapologetic sugar addict. I had rather spend a month dieting after eating something I love than to wonder why my husband spent 90 bucks on something that dies in three days and makes me sneeze.

    5. My preferred heel height is 3.5 inches. However, I have developed metatarsalgia on my right foot, and absolutely everything I wear hurts it. I know I will eventually have to lower my heel height. I just don't want to think about that right now...

  4. That Butter London is so beautiful! It makes me want to throw on a pink:)

    Valentine's Day dinner-- go out, stay in, or who cares? Who cares. I don't "believe" in Valentine's Day. I did get some things for the kids though.. I don't want my Scroogeness rubbing off on them.

    Who's your favorite band? You are going to hate me, but music is annoying me lately. I actually have the radio off in the car, so I don't even listen to anything anymore. If I had to choose to listen to something, I think I would choose the Les Miserables sound track :)

    Bought any new nail polish lately? The last polish I bought about a month ago was Marc Jacobs "Petra". I LOVE it.

    Flowers or chocolates? Chocolates. I won't let Chris waste OUR money on flowers. Man, I do sound like a big Scrooge.

    Heels-- what's your ideal height? Whatever height works with the pants I am wearing. I have some jeans that are longer, so they require a higher heel. My work pants require about a 2 inch heel, so those are probably ideal for me:) I can't wear flats, I just feel stumpy.


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