Saturday, October 20, 2012

Camille Beckman Glycerine Hand Therapy

Hi hi and happy weekend!!  It's time for another highly experimental LLPT post, one in which I attempt to describe scent.  Let's get started. 

Last weekend C and I had our annual fall weekend beach trip with a couple of our closest friends.  On Saturday afternoon, the guys went their separate ways and we gals went shopping in one of the nearby coastal towns.  A couple of the shops we checked out carried a few offerings from Camille Beckman, an exquisite niche line of perfumed lotions, cremes, and soaps based out of next door neighboring state Idaho.  

Their signature item is a ridiculously moisturizing hand treatment called Glycerine Hand Therapy.  Only a small amount is needed, because of the way glycerine reacts with skin.  It's actually kind of a magical little compound.  Check out the wikipedia article on glycerol here, if you're interested.  The company instructs users to give the creme ten minutes to fully absorb... you don't really need that long to go about your business, but once it's done its thing, you're gifted with addictively soft, silky hands.

A pea-sized dollop is all you need... enlarged to show the whipped texture of the creme.

I've seen Camille Beckman stuff around here and there for years.  They tend to show up in random specialty gift sops and the occasional gift display at indie home and garden stores.  Hunting them down in a brick and mortar store is nearly impossible.  It's always a fun surprise to stumble upon a display, and my friend and I had fun sniffing our way through the small selection of scents each of the two stores had to offer.  I walked away with some Christmas gifts and a couple different hand cremes for me.

The hand therapies come in a variety of different sizes.   First, I picked up a small, 1.35oz. tube in Tuscan Honey, a warm and comforting vanilla amber fragrance that, when given time to develop, morphs into a lovely soft, delicate, powdery scent.  Notes listed on the website include fig and honey.  Yum, right?  This one's a gourmand fragrance, sweet, foody, and good enough to eat.  It's subtle, too, great for someone who'd prefer their scent to whisper.

I actually hadn't used this brand in years, and over the course of the day, I fell so in love with how my hands felt that I went back the next day and bought the larger size of a fragrance much more suited to me, personally.

Midnight Monarch is a sensuous and decadent fragrance made warm by the presence of amber and dark by patchouli.  A healthy dose of vanilla makes this one pretty sweet, as well, with heady orchid in the middle to provide a little floral balance.  There is nothing subtle about this one.  It lets itself be known, and if you're the least bit shy about your fragrances, this might not be your thing.   I think it's enveloping and gorgeous.

I love the fact that both these are rich and complex scents in such a moisturizing base.  I love fragrance, but I tend to steer clear of perfumed lotions because the scent either doesn't last, or the lotion isn't moisturizing enough for my skin.  These are fabulous.  Camille Beckman offers a nice array of scents beyond these two, spanning the fragrance family from light, airy aquatic scents to summery fruits to complex orientals such as Midnight Monarch.  There's something for everyone. 
The Glycerine Hand Therapy cremes are available at and range in price from $1.60 to $39.99.
 Check it out, treat yourselves, enjoy the rest of your weekend.  Thanks for reading. <3


  1. I adore the vanilla, camille and rose fragrances of this lotion. My man loves the vanilla. You are right, they are a treat when you find them,but forget leaving the house to try to discover where they are! Great post Liesl, I think your shopping and beach trip sounds like a great time! Lovely!

    1. Ahh, I'm so stoked you know what these are, and that you like them! I like you guys' taste. I used to love rose soliflores back in the day, and this one's such a pretty one.
      Our trip was a great time-- cozy beach house, great company, and a weekend of the best food of the year, lol. We all like to cook and always bring our A game to the coast. ;)

  2. Oh, those both look delicious, especially the Tuscan Honey one!

  3. Oh my, those lotions look to be heavenly! :D

    ~ Yun

    1. They are!! Just amazing. Perhaps a giveaway is imminent, lol.

  4. Do you think these are good for cuticle moisturizing? I'm so lazy and would like to find two-in-one product!

    1. Sorry, kid...they're good, but not that good, lol. I feel like cutes need heavy duty moisture that would be too much for regular skin. A two-in-one would be awesome, but for the time being, the best thing I've done for mine is apathetic on Lemony Flutter every night before I nod off.

  5. MMM, they sound great! I love food scents so I am sure I would love Tuscan Honey!


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