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LVX Spring 2014 Collection

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LVX Spring 2014 collection swatches and review

  Hi everyone!!  LVX's spring collection is a gorgeous as usual but completely incongruent set of six creme lacquers.  It's a hodgepodge of something for everybody, from a basic putty grey to a slightly out of its season coral to a dark and juicy berry.  Each color is uniquely beautiful, but taken in as a whole, the set is a little challenging; even so, if I came across a dress or blouse in a print of these colors, I wouldn't hesitate to buy it.  The difficulty of this combination is part of what makes it so lovely.

  First up is Truffle, the earthy, putty grey that bears no resemblance to its prolific taupe cousins because there isn't a trace of purple here.  It's a pretty straightforward muddy cement shade and, while it's my least favorite, surprisingly chic.  Why don't I own a pair of slacks or cargos in this shade?  I used two coats and one layer of topcoat.

LVX Truffle swatch and review

  Cameo is a deep, juicy red berry shade that feels perfect for the transitional late winter to early spring weather when you can't quite put away your heavy coats.  It's such a warm and classic color, though, that it makes a beautiful contrast to light and bright spring attire.  LVX's dark cremes tend to have a certain thinness to them and often require an extra coat of polish to eliminate patchiness-- I used three coats here, plus one layer of topcoat.

LVX Cameo swatch and review

  Roux is a bright, classy coral just begging to be worn as a pedicure.  Wear it now as a pop of color with your just warm enough three-quarter sleeved sweaters and then again with your shrug-topped sundresses in May.  It's perfect either way.  I used two coats and one layer of topcoat.

LVX Roux swatch and review

  Monaco is the creamiest, most perfect shade of royal blue I've seen.  It's chic, it's elegant, it's perfect for a day at the races (or for watching the Preakness in your fancy hat in your living room, lol).  It stains like the dickens.  I used two layers of basecoat, two layers of color, and one layer of topcoat.

LVX Monaco swatch and review

  Orchid is LVX's answer to Pantone's Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid, and it is perfect.  It's warm, it's light, highly wearable, surprisingly neutral, and chic as can be.  It's an easy color to love and, forgetting its trendiness for just a moment, is a wonderful color to carry you from the first crocus buds of late winter to the irises of May and the rain of early June.  I used two coats and one layer of topcoat.

LVX Orchid swatch and review

  Last but not least is D'Orsay, because no spring collection is complete without a light shade.  D'Orsay is a super pretty, ever so slightly blushed creme with all of the bright and none of the chalkiness.  Everything superb about LVX's formula is demonstrated in this normally problematic shade.  It takes the typical three coats associated with pastels to be fully opaque but it is perfect in three, and the consistency is smooth and easy.  I love the contrast of a polish many shades lighter than my actual skintone-- there's something softly edgy about it.  I adore this color.

LVX D'Orsay swatch and review

  The formula on each of these is typical LVX perfection-- you won't find a creme with a nicer formula.  The collection is beautifully fashion forward as far as spring polish sets go-- my top picks are D'Orsay, Orchid, and Roux.

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  Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!! ♥♥
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  1. What great shades in this collection. I love cremes so these are nice.

  2. Hi Liesl, what a perfect little spring nailpolish wardrobe! At least for the area I live in - we get in spring anything from snow to fog/rain to sun and while I certainly have seen more "springy" collections in my life, this one has something for everyday and every woman. I just love cream collections and find them a nice palette cleanser next to all those holos and what have you! All of them are gorgeous in their own right and my top picks would be the grey/taupe, blue (naturalmente) and the berry! Though your beautiful swatches make me want the whole thing in the first place - LOL -<3

    1. It really is! There's something to complement all the personalities of Spring. And yes, cremes. I LOVE creme collections and this is a big reason why I love this brand so much. Their colors are avant garde and interesting, but so very wearable. And thank you ♥♥ We picked opposites of each other this time around ;)

  3. Oh Hello Beauties. Your swatches are TOP NOTCH Lady! I love all of these.

  4. I LOVE Cameo! And your little points look so elegant whilst wearing it. I'm also loving Orchid...but a surprise favorite is D'Orsay. It's such an unusual pale shade and looks great on you. I like seeing really pale shades on people who can pull it off...on me it just looks strange. :P

    1. I feel like the super pales are hard to pull off in general, unless your skin is noticeably darker. I love how they look, though, and D'Orsay was a fave as soon as I unwrapped it. I say, give it a go! you might surprise yourself :)


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