Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fall Fume Extravaganza!!!

Hi everyone!  One of my favorite things about fall and the dropping of the thermostat is the plethora of rich and exotic fragrances that come out to play-- those too heady to wear in the summer heat are suddenly warm, enveloping, and well behaved... relatively speaking. ;)  These seasonally appropriate perfumes contain some of my favorite note combinations-- woods, spice, animalic components, full-bodied florals, and decadent gourmand notes.

Dior Hypnotic Poison

Case in point-- Dior Hypnotic Poison, with notes of almond, vanilla, woods, and musk.  It was my holy grail perfume in my early and mid twenties and I still love to wear it just when the weather starts to turn.  It blooms in the soft heat of the October sun while staying close to the skin.  It's very sweet and sensuous.  Colder temps tend to bring out a carroty, powdery note on me but for this brief early to mid fall window, it's absolutely beautiful.

our back deck view this rainy October morning

I'm always interested in hearing what scents others hold dear, so I asked my fellow Beauty Blog Coalition and Beauty Blogazons gals what they've been most enjoying this fall.  I hope you enjoy reading their responses as much as I did!

Justina of Justina's Gems: I'm loving Katy Perry's Killer's the perfect scent for fall and the bottle is jewel shaped and adorable. 

Sheila of Painted Ladies
Donna Karan's Cashmere Mist is a long-time favorite for cooler temps. This fragrance is so warm and comfy, it really feels like "home".

Kath of The Fabzilla
I love Michael Kors newly-released fragrance Glam Jasmine. It's similar to his gold rose limited edition. Very feminine, slightly floral and indeed glam!

Sunny of Vegan Beauty Review
I'm lovin' Pacifica's Madagascar Spice solid perfume. It's a unisexy scent with spicy clove - perfect for fall. It's also vegan and cruelty-free!

Amber of Daydreaming Beauty
I have been loving on Killer Queen as well, but I want to give you something original...Dolce & Gabbana Pour Femme is sweet and sexy. I'm also liking Bath and Body Works Forever Midnight.

Lisa of Cosmetic Sanctuary
Right now I'm addicted to Marchesa Parfum D'Extase as my go to Fall fragrance! Floral and feminine with just a hint of musk.

Kayla of Peace Love and Glitter I'm loving the new Nest fragrances! My favorite is Midnight Fleur. It has sensual bold notes like black amber and vanilla. Hints of floral with ylang ylang and jasmine. It also has green apple and patchouli in to to spice it up! I'm OBSESSED, I wear it every day! 

Anastasia of Glamorable: I'm really loving Zents Ore right now, it's my go-to fragrance for cooler months. This sophisticated and rich blend features a bouquet of cloves, bay laurels, orris, violets, and jasmine petals.

Phyrra: I absolutely love Bath & Body Works Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin fragrance and Cocoa Pink Naughty Pumpkins. Both really embody Fall for me.

Jeanie of Midnight Manicures: Dita Von Teese's first parfum is new to me and has become my go to fragrance when I'm feeling romantic and glamorous. The initial fresh peony, sparkling bergamot and spicy Bourbon pepper give way to a beguiling heart note of Bulgarian rose, Tahitian Tiaré flower and fresh jasmine. Patchouli and musk, together with smoky sandalwood and Gaiac wood give the base note a mystical and enigmatic mood. It's made in Germany and sold in the US through

Stephanie Louise of Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful: Victor Rolfe Flowerbomb is sexy, inviting, & has a hint of cozy so it can be used for day or night. Another nice fall scent is Bath & Body Works Red which has a crisp apple note that fills me with fall memories.

Honey of Honeygirl's WorldI am a Vanilla perfume junkie and most of my scents have to have some form of Vanilla in it and normally it may be too sweet for some. I just picked up the Pink Sugar scent (got it at a sweet deal from Costco) and have been using that a lot lately, but La Vanilla's Pure Vanilla is my normal go-to this time of year and I find that I'm back to using it again. I know I'm a bit weird, because most people will go for more musk scents this time of year, but my allergies can't handle them often. Avon's Tahitian Holiday was a limited edition scent and no longer available, but I find myself using that this time of year as well. And, I recently smelled Victor Rolfe Flowerbomb in a sample, I am liking that scent, I may need to pick that up too. And of course, my go to - Coach Love is definitely a fav of mine year round.

Miranda of Slashed Beauty: John Russo's Photograph for Women. It's not your typical fruity, girly scent. It's got woodiser, musky notes that make it perfect for colder weather! I'm obsessed! 

Jamie of Makeup, Life, and Love: Currently loving the Semi end of summer beginning of fall release of Prada Candy L'eau- smells great like the original with a great mix of caramel. But just light enough to be a great fall scent. So far tons of compliments when I wear it. Or Juicy Couture Noir.

Lisa of Beauty Info Zone: For fall, I find myself reaching for The Valentina Eau de Parfum. This a light daytime scent that is also very sensual. I love scents with vanilla and this one has a lovely warmth due to the amber notes. It’s one of those scents that make people hug you twice because you just smell so good and cozy.

Elizabeth of Put On Your Big Girl Lipstick: I love Guerlain's Samsara during fall and winter months. There is no other fragrance that does sandalwood like this one, plus it was one of my high school fragrances, too! (And I'm 40!) Also love Bvlgari Jasmin Noir. Rich, warm, comforting, and sensual.

Jessica of In Tru Beauty: My go to fall fragrance is L'Occitane Verveine. The perfect citrus notes are uplifting and remind me of a summer market. This scent isn't overwhelming and it's got a serious side to it, making it the perfect scent to transition the seasons with. It also comes in a gorgeous glass bottle with an elegant leaf design that is hard to resist.


So many beautiful and delectable sounding selections!  These ladies seriously make me want to grab a bag of coffee beans and go on a major sniffathon.  So what about you?  What's gracing your pulse points or catching your fancy this fall?


  1. I think I must not be the norm (what a shocker)...I wear the same perfumes all year round. I have a very few that I love and know smell good on me, so I wear those all the time. I'm highly allergic to a lot of things too, especially "amber" perfumes, and can only wear "white" ones. If I don't have my bottle of Perry Ellis 360 Degrees, I'm NOT happy!! :P

    1. Yes, yes, you definitely fall into the category of "most normal people I have ever met" -_- How saaaad, being allergic to lots o' things :( It's nice that you can wear fume at all. Should we ever meet irl, I'll remember to not wear anything containing amber. And okay, I don't consider myself a fume novice by a long shot but I have never heard the term "white" perfume. What's it mean?

    2. Everything that's not an amber one, LOL!! The pale varieties. :) However, the *really* pale ones tend to have an overabundance of alcohol, which is my personal death-knell. Estee Lauder is particularly bad about this...

    3. Ohhh,the color! I thought you were talking about the specific note. Well I'd figure something out, maybe to the tune of Malibu Musk ;) But seriously, if alcohol's a major irritant, I wonder how you'd do with parfum concentration?

    4. Hahaha...Malibu Musk!! <3 It's been a long time since I wore parfum, so I don't know. You are gonna totally laugh, but some of my very favorite fragrances are the Harajuku Lovers by Gwen Stefani. I know they're marketed for teenagers, but my sister and I love them and constantly get compliments when we wear them, LOL...:P

    5. Marketing, shmarketing :) If there's one thing I've learned in all my reading about fume, it's that, despite its ability to conjure feelings, images, and emotions, scent in and of itself knows neither age nor gender. Wear what you love with aplomb :)

  2. Guess what - here comes another gal wearing the same scents year round ;-P!!! While I love to read about others taste in scents I am just too addicted to my two favorite scents and while I did try and buy others, they live a neglected life next to my two favorites that get bought over and over again. I speak of Profumum Roma Vanitas and Aqua e Zucchero!!

    1. I know you love your Vanitas, I didn't know there's a second! I'm certainly loyal to my favorites but it's been a while since I've gone out sniffing done new stuff and I'm kind of getting the urge, lol. I've come to the conclusion, though, that nothing will ever thrill me like my Tabac Blond, but sometimes I just get into these moods....

  3. I am so picky with my scents only because I am very sensitive to certain things. For example, anything with gardenia will make me sick. I tend to prefer woodsy scents...anything musky. I love Kate Walsh Boyfriend because it's so spicy. I do have a bunch of fragrances but I tend to wear two pretty regularly: Boyfriend and Tom Ford Black Orchid.

    1. Black Orchid... I hear that's to die for and I can't believe I haven't allowed myself to sniff that one yet! Woodsy and musky are almost always good, even better when together :)
      Gardenia's a funny note for me, too. I'm fortunate that I'm not sensitive to anything, but it smells plasticky on me. Bummer, too, because I loved the scent when I was a kid.

  4. My absolute favorite scent for the colder months is Dior Tendre Poison. I would totally wear it year-round, but I'm afraid the robustness of the scent might offend others in the warmer months. And also Dior discontinued it and the original formulation (of which my bottle is) hasn't been made for years, so I'll be sad once my bottle runs out. So I just spritz a little bit on the days I really need it for a little pick-me-up. :)

    ~ Yun

    1. I remember you saying you love Tendre Poison. BOOOOO ON REFORMULATIONS!! I've heard they've already changed Hypnotic a bit, and I don't know why. I know the IFRA will go and outlaw certain ingredients because of environmental protection or particular sensitivities but HP is modern enough that I can't imagine what would "need" changing. And it's horrible because you fall in love with a scent and then you might never be able to get it as it was ever again. :( You know. I dread the day they decide to really mess with my Tabac Blond again. What year is your Tendre Poison, out of curiosity?

    2. I'm not sure why they reformulate. Maybe certain ingredients are no longer available or too expensive? But I don't think I've ever heard of a case where the new formulation smells better than the original. I'm such a smell person, and lots of my memories are around smell. It makes me sad when something I love to smell is gone. My Tendre Poison is from 90s. I don't exactly remember when. It belonged to my mom, and she didn't want it, so she gave it to me. I've got about 1/3 of the bottle left and I totally hoard it haha. :)


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