Friday, April 6, 2012

OPI Not Like the Movies

I can't tell if I'm getting sick or just dealing with allergies.  Stuff's been passed all through my workplace  since, like, October, and one or two of us is always coughing or something.  Such is life sharing phones.  Bleah.  I do live in Grass Seed Central, so I might just need some loratadine.  Bring it on, man.  It'd be super not to make everyone sick on Easter. ;)

I pulled out Not Like the Movies, an unfortunately discontinued OPI polish, the other night.  I used to strictly paint my toes, but last September I met a new friend who got me totally jazzed about painting my fingers, too, and she taught me a little about nail care and making my manis last.  My point is that I bought Not Like the Movies for my toes, wore it once, and was not impressed.  When a special effects color such as this is closer to the ground and in a certain amount of shadow all the time, something gets lost; not so on my fingers.  
Not Like the Movies was made for a manicure.  It's a light purple and light green duochrome with microscopic silvery flecks.  If I'm going to wear a special effects polish, I prefer it to be a little subtle, less flashy, but still eye catching and fun to look at.  This one fits the bill for me.

Not Like the Movies is still pretty sheer with three coats, but it's evidenced only when I hold my hands up to a light.  I have a new appreciation for this color and I know I'll be wearing it more often now.  
Have a happy Easter!

He is Risen. :)


  1. i got on the polish train too late and I lovelovelove that color. I wish it was continued (for lack of a better term haha)

    1. WetnWIld Gray's Anatomy is supposed to be a dupe!!....


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