Monday, April 16, 2012

Zoya Trixie

Good morning and welcome to the week!!  Seriously wishing I had another couple hours of sleep ahead.  My weekend was fun.  I went shopping with my mom on Saturday and picked up a couple new polishes, one being Zoya Trixie, and typical of all things Zoya I've bought, I absolutely love it.  You know when something non-jewelry catches your eye and it's all shiny and sparkly and glimmery and all you can think is "Wo-o-o-o-w, preeeeetty!!"  That is Trixie.  It's like liquid silver for your fingers.  It looks molten long after it's dried.  And, the formula is typical Zoya perfection.  Here are some pictures that don't do it justice. :)

Let's see how many more metaphors I can come up with. lol.  Trixie is so light and reflective, it transforms your fingers into otherworldly beings.  Some silvers are robotic and futuristic, but this one is... celestial.  I love this color (can you tell?)

It does remind me of a couple unrelated things....

Have a great day! :)


  1. I love Trixie! For a very long time, it was my favorite silver polish! IT's just so awesome and it works GREAT in nail art!

    1. Ohh, it would be great in nail art! One day maybe I'll be brave wenough to try. In the meantime, I'm mesmerized by my fingers. ;)

  2. Replies
    1. It most definitely is! It's as much fun to put on as it is to wear. :)


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